Steve P Brady

New installation on the local rail trail.

Beautiful Saturday morning for a run. An hour outside sweating cures all ills.

About to start one of our family’s regular October traditions: Sunday nights and Halloween Wars on Food Network.

Finished my first week of remote teaching. It went fine, but I am really looking forward to the weekend. No matter how well the first week goes after summer break it is always tiring. It’s like my body forgets what it’s like to operate of a schedule.

Saturday morning run in 49-degree, big blue sky weather. I guess it’s fall now.

“If you want to accord with the Tao, just do your job, then let go.” ~ Lao Tzu

Sounds like a weekend rallying cry to me! And after the first week of teaching I’m ready for it.

Sitting in the Marlborough High School parking lot with 100 other parents while our kids tour the building. Weird nostalgia vibes. I didn’t go here but a lot of my friends did, so I spent plenty of my teen years around campus.

I just bought the entire Harvard Classics Library at 52 volumes plus the 20 volume fiction add on for about $20 and it all fits on my Kindle. We live in the future of my childhood, and I dig it.

Tonight’s classic horror.

Being still isn’t the same thing as being lazy. Doing nothing is better than looking busy but doing nothing. #HappyFriday

With the Bruins eliminated it’s time to root for my back up team. Let’s go Islanders! 🏒

This Saturday’s movie: The Creature with the Atom Brain. 1955

Last night I mentioned coming up with a list of kid friendly horror movies. For those interested here it is. It’s fairly 80s dominant.

Post-80’s films

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: I didn’t see this one but daughter did and said it was both terrifying and made for a middle school audience.

Goosebumps Movie: Also a daughter recommendation.

The Mummy: Brendan Frasier version.   

The Vast of Night: New on Amazon. Riff on old 50’s alien invasion movies. DJ and a switchboard operator tell the story largely through dialogue. Might be too old as far as attention span? Adults should definitely check it out though.

Animated Films

Paranorman and Coraline: Both similarly animated but genuinely good films. Paranorman has become an October regular in my house. If he likes those Frankenweenie and Monster House are lesser films, but still decent.

80’s Films

Gremlins, Beetlejuice, Ghost Busters: Because, well, classic.

Labyrinth: If he likes his scares with a fantasy twist

Tremors: Only the first one. Rest are not worth your time.

The Gate: More of a cult classic. PG-13ish

Christine: Probably the only Stephen King I’d recommend

Foundational Films

Night of the Living Dead: The classic Zombie movie

Psycho: Brilliant, but fairly tame

House on Haunted Hill: Classic Vincent Price

As the family horror expert I had to come up with a kid friendly list of horror movies for my nephew. Totally my happy place. 🕷️

So that was a first. I run every morning at a large local park where you can stay 12 ft from anyone you happen to cross. Today I was chastised for not wearing a mask. Didn’t want to argue, just said thank you and went on my way. I am very pro-mask, but outside where you can more than social distance?

One of many that live under our holly bushes. Hazel? Bigwig? Is that you?

Tropical storm Isaiah came and went relatively benignly. Lost one big branch off our giant maple, but it fell in the one 10x10 area where it could do no damage. Missed the house shed and car by a few feet.

THE VAST OF NIGHT just jumped onto my best of list. Amazing film that does a lot with a very little. Watch it.

May be time to take a long term break from Twitter and Facebook. Between political season, Covid and the uncertainty around schools opening (I teach) I’m finding myself just doom scrolling. Thankfully, MicroBlog is a nice respite from the crazy. I do need my social media fix. 😁

Saturday night means classic horror in the Brady house. Tonight’s feature- The Werewolf of London.

“Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.” -G.K. Chesterton

It’s hockey night in New England. #Bruins vs Blue Jackets 🏒

Sitting under a tree listening to this…

8 in the morning and it’s already real feel 90?! Today’s run is going to be a tough one.

What do you do when you have 5 client projects to work on this week? You get a head start on Sunday afternoon. At least there is day baseball on in the background to help it still feel like the weekend.